st. catherine monastery and mount moses

Visit St Catherine village and the UNESCU listed world heritage site of St Catherine monastery. Climb Mount Sinai, where Moses received the ten commandments.

St Catherine monastery is the oldest constantly inhabited Christian monastery in the world, with a traceable history of seventeen centuries. The monastery hosts what is considered the burning bush, a library with manuscrips and early printed books and Greek Orthodox monastery icons.

Mount Sinai is also known as the Moses Mountain, towering just behind the monastery with its 2285m summit. The mountain is considered a point of pilgrimage to Christians, Jews and Muslims alike, and appreciated for its scenery by outdoor people and mountain lovers.

Overday or overnight trips 
A trip to Mount Sinai and St Catherine monastery can be done at night, with an overnight stay on the summit and gorgeous sunrise views of the Sinai landscape. The following morning you will have the chance to visit the monastery, then climb the mountain and enjoy sunset on the summit if you like. We also recommend a visit to local Bedouin women in St Catherine village to see their traditional embroideries.

Castle zaman

Located only an hour drive from Dahab, Castle Zaman has a wonderful relaxing atmosphere, hosts rustic spa facilities and the only slow food restaurant in the region.

After a beautiful coastal drive through the Sinai landscape, you will spend the day in the unique surroundings of Castle Zaman. With sauna, swimming pool, cocktail bar, pool table, Wi-Fi and treasure dungeon, the castle deserves a full day to revitalize and relax.

Castle Zaman's Meat Tagine
Using ancient Egyptian recipes, meat is roasted to perfection with an assortment of fresh vegetables, spices, dates and figs. Cutlery is optional and finger licking is allowed. Accompanied with rice, 'Molokai' and salads.

Ultimate Catch of the Day
A tenderly prepared assortment of locally sourced fish, octopus, calamari, crab and shrimp, served on one large platter. Served with fragrant spiced wheat germ and fresh salads.

Ultimate Fish Fillet
A generous portion of perch fillet roasted and served on a bed of wheat germ and salad.

Other dishes available. Day use with access to bar and facilities is also available.