On this page you'll find some of the most common questions we get asked at Sheikh Ali Resort Dahab.
If your question isn't covered here, please feel free to contact us.


  • Visas

    • Do I need a visa?
      Yes, you do need a visa to visit Egypt. Most nationalities can purchase a tourist visa at the airport upon arrival, valid in Egypt for 30 days (US$ 15.00 per person).
      A 'Sinai only' visitor visa valid for 15 days in Sharm el Sheikh, Dahab, Nuweiba, Taba and St Catherine. The 'Sinai only' visa is free. Please note that a visit to Ras Mohamed National Park requires a full Egypt visa.
      We recommend you to check visa requirements with the Egyptian Embassy in your home country in good time prior to departure.

    • I plan to visit Jordan during my stay in Dahab. Do I need a visa for Jordan?
      Yes, you need a visa for Jordan. For most nationalities, visa to Jordan is included in the trips we arrange from the hotel
      We recommend you to check visa requirements with the Egyptian Embassy in your home country in good time prior to departure.
      Please note that a new visa to Egypt upon return is not included in the trip cost. You can either purchase a new Egypt visa at the port or apply for a multiple entry visa to Egypt at the Egyptian Embassy in your home country in good time before your holiday.

  • Passports

    • My passport expires soon, can I still travel?
      Your passport has to be valid for 6 months after arrival to Egypt.

  • Currency

    • What currencies are accepted at the hotel?
      Sheikh Ali Dahab Resort accepts cash payments in Euro, US Dollars, English Pound Sterling and Egyptian Pounds. We also accept payments by Visa or MasterCard but please note that a 2% bank surcharge to your invoice total for all card payments
      We update our exchange rates on a daily basis as per the National Bank of Egypt's exchange rates.

    • What currencies should I bring for spending locally?
      Most restaurants and local shops accept Euro, US Dollars, English Pound Sterling as well as Egyptian Pounds. Some restaurants accept credit card payments too, but please note that a surcharge of 2-5% usually is added.
      It is handy to have Egyptian Pounds in cash to avoid confusion over exchange rates. As the exchange rates for Euro, US Dollars and English Pound Sterling usually are considerably better in Egypt than in Europe, it can be good to bring any of these currencies in cash and exchange to Egyptian Pounds once here.

  • Travel safety and security

    • Is is safe to travel to Dahab?
      Since the beginning of the Egyptian revolution in January 2011, Dahab and the other Red Sea resorts have been considered safe by the majority of embassies. While we do advise you to check your home contry's official travel advise for updated information, we are also happy to tell you that Dahab is as safe, peaceful and welcoming as always.
      we monitor the security situation closely and will of course let our guests know immediately if we receive information about potentially dangerous situations. We have not yet heard of any dangerous situations directed towards tourists in Dahab.
      For desert safaris and trips around the Sinai, we check the security situation locally for the specific tour. Sheikh Ali Dahab Resort being a Bedouin owned hotel, we have access to information from local contacts and we use Bedouin drivers and guides who provide our guests with the best security. As long as you plan to spend your holiday in Dahab, we expect nothing but you being be safe and sound on your holiday.

  • Dress and attire

    • What should I wear?
      Egypt is a moderate Muslim country, and it is not a problem to wear a bikini on the beach or by the pool. Out of respect for the culture and religion in Egypt, we recommend you to dress in light clothes when not being on the beach. If you intend to visit any religious sites such as St Catherine monastery, it is required to cover arms and knees. We also recommend you to bring a head cover, especially if visiting during summer months (April - September).

  • Dahab

    • How much should I tip?
      Tipping is a part of the culture in Egypt and everybody are tipping everybody all the time. However, while the tips is appreciated you should not feel obliged to tip for a poor service or product. For restaurant visits, approximately 10% tips is appropriate. For trips and excursions, a tip of 100-200 EGP per day is appreciate by your guide.

    • What kind of electrical plugs do you have in Egypt?
      We have two pins, European plugs in Egypt. The electricity is 220 V.

  • Diving

    • I plan to dive when I'm in Dahab. Is there a decompression chamber nearby?
      Yes, Dahab Decompression Chamber is located in the Laguna area in Dahab. The chamber opened in 2005.

  • The Hotel

    • Is your pool heated?
      Unfortunately, the pool at Sheikh Ali Dahab Resort is not heated and can be rather chilly during winter months. From December till March, the Red Sea generally hold a higher temperature than the hotel pools in Dahab with a water temperature of approximately 20-22 degrees. We hope to be able to upgrade our facilities with solar heting of the pool in the not so far future.

    • I need to work during my holiday. Do you have internet access at the hotel?
      Yes, you will find wifi free of charge at Sheikh Ali Dahab Resort, free of charge. You will receive password upon check in. While our internet connection is one of the more reliable ones in Dahab, we kindly ask you to bear in mind that the speed is not always comparable to Europe.

    • Do you have hairdryers in the rooms?
      Some of our rooms are equipped with hairdryers. Please let us know if you need hairdryer during your stay.

    • Do you offer laundry service?
      Yes, laundry service is available at the hotel. Your laundry will be returned - cleaned and ironed - 24 hours after you hand it in to the reception.

  • Airport Transfers

    • How do I get from Sharm el Sheikh Airport to the hotel?
      We offer private airport transfers at a charge, directly from Sharm el Sheikh Airport to Sheikh Ali Dahab Resort. Please advise your flight number and estimated arrival time if you wish to take advantage of this service. You can also get a taxi from the airport upon arrival but usually you end up paying more for your transfers when using taxis at the airport. There are also public buses from Sharm el Sheikh to Dahab but there are limited departures. If arranging your transportation on your own you should be prepared to discuss the price with the driver.

    • How long is the drive from Sharm el Sheikh Airport to the hotel?
      The drive from the airport to the hotel takes 1 hour. Pre arranged transfers booked with us are private so you will not need to wait for other people or stop by other hotels.

    • Do you arrange transfers from other ports/airports in Egypt?
      Yes, we can arrange pick up and drop off to Nuweiba port, Taba port, Taba border crossing, Cairo and literally any destination in Egypt. In some cases you may consider a domestic flight to Sharm el Sheikh to cut down on your travel time.